Specialist assisted living and rehabilitation for individuals

following an acquired brain injury or neurological trauma

"An all inclusive approach to care and living"


As a collective forward-thinking team with motivated aspirations, particularly around acquired brain injury and specialist neurological conditions, Breathe’s board has vast knowledge and experience which helps us continue to build strong strategic and operational partnerships within our specialist fields of care and housing. 

As an organisation, Breathe provides long term placements with a unique and innovative offering not seen elsewhere; we combine independent living accomodation with rehabilitation and long term specialist support packages.

A brain injury affects people uniquely and some individuals, due to changes in their cognition and behaviour, can find that they are unable to return home, or live independently, or share their accommodation.  They may need further specialist support programmes and a slow paced continuation of their rehabilitation journey.  They may need long term specialist support to maintain their level of ability and continue or increase their participation in the community or discover new opportunities and life goals.

Our ethos, which is central to our corporate strategy, is to offer people hope, choice and opportunity to an often marginalised and stigmatised segment of our society. It is our belief that every individual has their own journey and our role at Breathe is to tailor the support they need around them, within our innovative living solutions.


Our multi-disciplinary clinicians work with the individual, their case manager and insurers to meet and review the individual’s needs, whilst being able to develop and extend the life opportunities that living in one of our community development schemes can offer.  As an organisation, Breathe can manage and share peoples placements with a unique and innovative offering not seen elsewhere.






Combined Clinical and Care Pathway

Our expertise comes from our leadership and creates a clear pathway for all our people, clients and staff: they all have a journey to make whilst they are with us.

Our colleagues are encouraged to breathe our ethos and our extensive knowledge of change management and  leadership development allows us to continually grow together.

We work with our resident clients to assist them to continually develop and grow; aspirations and personal goals guide our programmes of care

Property Development

Our property development and building expertise comes from over 85 projects designed, implemented, and managed by us.

Our combined knowledge of construction and design together with a clear understanding of project viability studies, our commercial development and leadership qualities, and our ability to build long lasting teams, provides an excellent foundation for our strategy to give people choices to live independently, in our apartments with individually tailored support.

Combined individual residency and support contracts

With a decade of experience in the transitioning and support of individuals moving to supported living and the facilitation to living as independent a life as possible in communities, we can help support people with the necessary pre-move assessments and costings to address needs that with continuing rehabilitation and daily 24/7 support will increase or maintain independence in our high quality apartment units.

"Partnerships lead to stronger communities. Stronger communities lead to independent and fulfilled lives"

Our four strategic aims are centred on the following four principals


People and communities are at the very heart of our housing strategy and we select sites specifically that will help the integration and participation into the local communities of the people in our care.

Isolation can be an issue for people following a brain injury and their ability to socialise and generally join in normal vocational and leisure activities can be further limited by the location and environment they live.


To provide seamless, high-quality integrated services which are centred on the individual and their needs is only achievable through collaborative working.

We are committed to working in partnership across the health and care sector.


Providing the right environment with intelligent housing solutions is a proactive way of delivering better long-term outcomes for individuals and avoiding future costs  both financially and emotionally to the client and their loved ones.

The right interventions and placement can help promote equality of opportunity for the individual and also reduce the financial, social and personal costs of dependency.


Our outcomes for clients are based on their goals and working toward them at the pace they can manage but goals are not static and new aspirations arrive as abilities change; we review our care programme outcomes regularly. And in the same way our housing solutions are continually evolving to reduce the impact on our environment.

The running and maintenance costs along with our eco-friendly designs are constantly reviewed to safeguard our future developments.

Amanda Swain

Chief Clinical Director

Amanda has 30 years’ experience in Acquired Brain Injury and is very much a leader in this specialised area of provision, she has set up and turned around ABI and Neurological services in the private and public sectors. 

Amanda continues to work at National levels as adviser to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for ABI, as the EDI champion and longest serving Trustee for The National Neurological Alliance, she is also on the National Neurological Advisory Group to NHSE, and has been Trustee of UKABIF and Vice Chair for 9 years. She continues to give clinical cover to her NHS Community Neurorehabilitation service covering Cambridgeshire, and privately. She also qualified as a Master in Health Law in 2003, making her the first clinician to hold a dual qualification in Health and Law.


Jenny Wyke

Executive Assistant to the Board

Jenny works with the Board of Directors to ensure day to day operations run in an effective and coordinated manner. Her ability to keep the Board of Directors focused and organised means that we can continue to grow our business knowing that our ethos will always be at the forefront.

Alongside Jenny’s knowledge of both large and small commercial building projects, her wealth of experience in recruitment, human resources and finance, her strong organisational and communication skills, as well as her process driven mentality gained from her extensive experience within the NHS and privately owned businesses, ensures that she is a key member within the Breathe Care & Living team.

Stefan Gavin

Chief Development Director

Stefan carries the design and creativity forward. His career is a testament to his energy, drive and ambition. Hailing from a family of well-esteemed property professionals he has bolstered this tradition by founding his own companies in Architectural design, property development and investment.

Stefan’s career started after achieving a 1st class honours degree, followed by being awarded ‘The most enterprising student of 2003’ by STEP. Stefan has a hands-on relentless work ethic, combined with an outstanding knowledge of construction and design, together with a clear understanding of project viability studies, giving an excellent foundation to be at the forefront of Breathe Care & Living’s developments.

Zafir Bhatti

Chief Operations Director

Zafir brings over a decade of experience in transitioning and supporting individuals from secure settings through to supported living and, ultimately, independent living in the community. His vast experience incorporates the detail and attention that is required to help our residents on their journey and his ability to pre-empt the heightened anxieties and strains associated with these changes are a huge asset to Breathe.

His knowledge in recruitment and human resources and his front-line experience brings a critical awareness to our colleagues when our residents start, and continue, on their combined pathway.

Dr Carolyn Kus

Founder and Director of Governance and Policy

Having gained over 37 years of significant and progressive experience within the public sector over the course of her career, Carolyn’s role is crucial to Breathe Care & Living; our unique Hope Pathway has been developed by her vast knowledge in mental health and supported living.

With her broad-based wisdom across diverse sectors and specialist executive experience in healthcare and social care, as well as her experience and knowledge of leadership in top teams, we are in safe hands. Carolyn is also a well-known speaker around care policies and governance within many forums around up and down the country.

Stephen Crouch

Founder and Chief Executive

Stephen has strong leadership qualities and is highly adept at building and managing teams. For the last two decades he has been managing director in a successful commercial development company which has had large involvement in refurbishments for the likes of The Belfry Golf & Spa, Coca Cola and many care and educational institutions. His acute networking skills enable him to identify and draw out the best in people; using their skills to get the job done.

Stephen’s focus is on developing the best care within the best living environments to suit our residents’ profiles. Each Board and Team member is Stephen’s number one priority and his encouragement and management ensures that each colleague delivers their very best. He brings the key strengths of organisation and management of supply partners, forming partnerships with joint venture investors, raising investment capital and acquisitions.

Andre Gonzalez De Savage


A highly experienced Director and Chairman with large success in delivering training, mentoring and strategic planning in premium customer, hospitality and commercial operations both in the UK and Internationally.

André has 15 years public sector direct budget responsibility for, in excess, of £150m annual division spend, with circa 1,000 direct and indirect reports. He has collectively been responsible for £1bn of public funding. André’s strategic planning and operational control bring a hands-on worker who is able to multi-task and bring together great teams, in all environments.

Under his belt are 30 years Government, Economic Development, Education and Charitable Trust responsibilities. André Launched and delivered the Sino – British Trade & Enterprise multi-nation agreement and developed the British Enterprise Partnership connecting and maximizing Commercial and Charitable operations throughout the UK. André has also spearheaded key infrastructure and digital connectivity projects.