Supporting peoples independence after an acquired brain injury.
24/7 onsite support with independent tenancies.

"An all inclusive approach to care and living"

Why Breathe?

Why Breathe?

‘Breathe has been moulded by individuals who have experienced through personal experiences some of the challenges that people & families encounter in trying to find positive forward-thinking community based supported living services that can offer a person centered solution with independence and support harmoniously balanced. ‘

Our aim is helping people regain a higher level of independence.

How we do things?

Through a combination of detailed assessments of needs, carefully thought through care plans, integrated highly trained support staff and our modern designed independent living apartments, Breathe’ s mission is to create through slow stream rehabilitation, a better quality of life with long term positive outcomes for those that have experienced a neuro trauma or acquired a brain injury.

What we do?

With our specialist neuro rehab multi-disciplinary team and 24/7 onsite care team who are expertly trained to guide and support each individual as and when they need, each can helping people to flourish and reintegrate into the community.
Breathe can provide the complete package of assessment, placement, support and reports thus avoiding the complex arrangements which are often seen.
Being community based in the town centre of the historic market town of Wellingborough, our clients have all the facilities on their doorstep to enjoy and use as and when they wish.

Our service further explained

Following your initial assessment, we prepare a care plan to meet your individual needs, providing the treatment and care to help your development and rehabilitation. Find out more..

As a family member or carer looking for a suitable home for your loved one, we understand how daunting it is as they’ve just acquired a brain injury or neurological trauma, you will never of needed to venture out and find such a need. Find out more..

At Breathe we provide a unique all-inclusive package of independent living accommodation, continuing specialist rehabilitation and 24/7 care support. Find out more..

“ Like a butterfly evolving, we must love each stage we pass through. It is not only the destination but also the journey itself that is beautiful”.

Our mission

  • To deliver a safer environment that provides stability for our clients to flourish.
  • To make positive steps towards a more independent living within a community setting.
  • Through constant training and development of our team, we aim to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.
  • To maintain a stable care and support team which offers assessment and pathway support with the help of our in house MDT team.

Life at Breathe

  • Your own space, your own front door

  • Your own tenancy agreement

  • We prompt and support you with your daily tasks

  • We help you with paying your bills and managing your finance

  • Have friends and family visit you in your home

  • We support you to re-engage with your local community.

Dr Melanie Stevens

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Melanie Stevens, is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and has worked in psychological practice for over 19 years. She completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2006 and a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology in 2012. Dr Stevens has worked in the NHS, Independent sector and MoD. Her work experiences cover the neurological conditions pathway; inpatient acute units, outpatient departments and rehabilitation services.

Dr Stevens has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of complex psychological difficulties and neuropsychological issues. This includes assessments of mental capacity and cognitive assessments and rehabilitation programmes for adjustment to life changing injuries. Dr Stevens’ Medicolegal work includes the assessment and reports for presentation at court.

Dr Stevens has specialised in the emotional adjustment and the neurobehavioral therapies that people with an ABI can have. Dr Stevens and our Clinical Director, Amanda Swain, have worked together over the last 8 years and specialise in developing neurobehavioral rehabilitation programmes for people with behaviour that is limiting their opportunities to move forward and achieve their goals.

 Dr Stevens continues to be involved in training and teaches on the doctorate program at Birmingham University.

Stefan Gavin

Chief Development Director

Stefan carries the design and creativity forward. His career is a testament to his energy, drive and ambition. Hailing from a family of well-esteemed property professionals he has bolstered this tradition by founding his own companies in Architectural design, property development and investment.

Stefan’s career started after achieving a 1st class honours degree, followed by being awarded ‘The most enterprising student of 2003’ by STEP. Stefan has a hands-on relentless work ethic, combined with an outstanding knowledge of construction and design, together with a clear understanding of project viability studies, giving an excellent foundation to be at the forefront of Breathe Care & Living’s developments.

Zafir Bhatti

Chief Operations Director

Zafir brings over a decade of experience in transitioning and supporting individuals from secure settings through to supported living and, ultimately, independent living in the community. His vast experience incorporates the detail and attention that is required to help our residents on their journey and his ability to pre-empt the heightened anxieties and strains associated with these changes are a huge asset to Breathe.

His knowledge in recruitment and human resources and his front-line experience brings a critical awareness to our colleagues when our residents start, and continue, on their combined pathway.

Stephen Crouch

Founder and Chief Executive

Stephen has strong leadership qualities and is highly adept at building and managing teams. For the last two decades he has been managing director in a successful commercial development company which has had large involvement in refurbishments for the likes of The Belfry Golf & Spa, Coca Cola and many care and educational institutions. His acute networking skills enable him to identify and draw out the best in people; using their skills to get the job done.

Stephen’s focus is on developing the best care within the best living environments to suit our residents’ profiles. Each Board and Team member is Stephen’s number one priority and his encouragement and management ensures that each colleague delivers their very best. He brings the key strengths of organisation and management of supply partners, forming partnerships with joint venture investors, raising investment capital and acquisitions.

Andre Gonzalez De Savage


A highly experienced Director and Chairman with large success in delivering training, mentoring and strategic planning in premium customer, hospitality and commercial operations both in the UK and Internationally.

André has 15 years public sector direct budget responsibility for, in excess, of £150m annual division spend, with circa 1,000 direct and indirect reports. He has collectively been responsible for £1bn of public funding. André’s strategic planning and operational control bring a hands-on worker who is able to multi-task and bring together great teams, in all environments.

Under his belt are 30 years Government, Economic Development, Education and Charitable Trust responsibilities. André Launched and delivered the Sino – British Trade & Enterprise multi-nation agreement and developed the British Enterprise Partnership connecting and maximizing Commercial and Charitable operations throughout the UK. André has also spearheaded key infrastructure and digital connectivity projects.